Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What would it feel like if all your dreams came true? What if you knew how to realize your potential and began living your life with a clear sense of purpose? What would it be like to improve your relationships (both at home and work) and live a life filled with abundance, joy and success?

Take a moment and let it sink in. Wow!

You may have difficulty focusing your attention and may feel disoriented. Your ability to make decisions is impeded now. You may be worried about your finances, your relationships or your health. You may be running "here and there" so often (maybe too often?) that you've let those dreams that were once so important to you, fall by the wayside.

And then one day it hits you. Hard. Bang! How did my life turn out this way? And how can I change it?

The great philosopher Rumi describes this brilliantly. He says: “Sometimes it presents one appearance, sometimes another. Yes, the affair is only bewilderment. Not, such as occurs when one turns one's back, but such as when one is drowned and absorbed. As there are many demons with men's faces, it is wrong to join hands with every one.”

A good way to test confusion is to ask someone his or her name, age, and the date. If they are unsure or answer incorrectly, they are confused.

“When the fowler sounds his decoy whistle, that the birds may be beguiled by that snare, the birds hear that call simulating a bird's call and, descending from the air, find net and knife. They make stuffed lions to scare the simple; that wine of the righteous yields a perfume of musk; other wine (the evil) is reserved for penalties and pains.”

But today, right now, you have the power to change your reality. And lead the successful, joyous, satisfying life you've always wanted.

Try to keep your surroundings calm, quiet, and peaceful. Drink a sweet drink or eat a sweet snack. If the confusion lasts longer then call the doctor. 

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